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Local Livestock Health Experts

Livestock Vet in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and Nebraska

Services Offered

At Deluxe Veterinary Services, we offer the services you need to keep your livestock feeling their best while preventing injuries and disease, among other health concerns. 

  • General Cattle Vaccination & Treatment

  • Bovine OB

    Calf Pulls, C-Section & Pregnancy Checks

  • Semen Checks

  • Feedlot Health

    Treatment/Prevention Protocols, Illness Troubleshooting & Posting

  • Feet Trimming & Treatment

    Warts, Abscesses, Toe Amputation, Etc

  • Health Checks For Shipping & Fairs

  • On-Farm Treatment

    On-Farm Small Animal Vaccinations & Treatment Of Minor Injuries/Illness

Livestock Vet in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and Nebraska
  • Pig Grading

  • Bovine TB Testing

  • Hog Barn Inspection

    PQA Certified

  • VFDs

Service Area

Deluxe Veterinary Services is licensed in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and Nebraska. We take pride in helping everyone from small, family-owned farms to large farming operations.

Meet the Doc

About Us

Dr. Daniel Borchers grew up in Holstein, IA on a family farm where he raised hogs, cattle, chickens, and (his favorite) exotic birds! He graduated from Galva-Holstein High School in 2007 and headed to Wartburg College where he majored in biology. He also played football and wrestling, as well as sang in the Wartburg Choir. He met his wife, Amanda, during biology class freshman year. They were married in 2010. They now have four sons, Kaden, Garrison, Rowan and Dechlyn. They now live on an acreage near Rock Valley. Dr. Borchers’ love for animals extends outside his veterinary work as seen by his extensive variety at his home place including: peacocks, chickens, guineas, ducks, a donkey, a bull, cows/calves, a dog, cats, ferrets, and even some fish!

Dr. Borchers earned his DVM from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where he specialized in large animal and production animal medicine. He has been in the Sioux Center area for 6 years. He has done extra training in cattle lameness and hoof trimming. Dr. Borchers also has experience in writing vaccine protocols, feedlot health, cow/calf health, small animal surgeries, bovine reproduction (semen checking and pregnancy checking), and hog barn health.


Dr. Daniel Borchers of Deluxe Veterinary Services (DVS) partners with Deluxe Animal Health (DAH) to provide quality services and products at affordable prices where customer service is of top priority.



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